vp_front thumbBoze and Kato’s The Virgin Project is a sensitive but uncensored look into peoples’ first sexual experiences.

Miranda’s story is sweet, simple, and nice—the way you wish your first experience was.  Clifton discovered he was gay while looking at Mexican girly mags in a treehouse with his best friend.  Patty was playing around with her girlfriend in the garage, on the hood of Dad’s mustang, when Mom walked in and offered to take her to a shrink. Jim hired a prostitute so he wouldn’t be inexperienced on his wedding night.  Marc was raped by his high school wrestling coach.

Boze and Kato tell the truth: from romance to rape, this is how it is.  Each story is told in the person’s own words and professionally illustrated.  It’s an amazing collection.  If you have teenagers, and you care about their health and happiness, this is the book you want to accidentally leave on the coffeetable.


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  1. You guys are awesome! I really enjoyed reading some of the stories on scribd. =)

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